Teaching and mentoring younger students

Earning money and building work experience

Building a network of caring adults and peers

“At Promise, the environment is just really safe and I’ve felt a lot of growth within myself so far here, but I’ve also got to see a lot of growth within the kids.”

Sophie, Grade 12

Why we launched the Young Leaders Program

This is another early step toward creating positive cycles of love and restoration in the Downtown Eastside community. In our elementary programs, kids have a safe place where they can build a foundation of trust, belonging, and self-esteem. It’s our hope that, as Young Leaders, these kids can build on that foundation, growing personally and contributing toward something beyond themselves. In the long run, it’s our dream to see these youth bring restoration to their communities – here in the Downtown Eastside, in their own families, and in any other community they’re part of.

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Looking Back at 2022-23

16 Young Leaders
1,156 Shifts